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      Sustainable, Ethical, Hand-Crafted     
in Los Angeles

Sustainable fabric

How We Are
Good For
The Planet

Here at Eorte, we believe in making a difference, one uniform at a time. We have partnered with leading hotels to repurpose their bed sheet waste into comfortable and long-lasting uniforms. Our focus is not only on providing top-quality uniforms, but on creating a sustainable future for the hospitality industry. By choosing our uniforms, you are not only choosing comfort and style, but also playing a role in environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Sustainable hospitality

New Arrivals

Carefully Crafted For People That Care

We are passionate about crafting uniforms that are both functional and stylish, providing our wearers with the best quality and sustainable option on the market. With a deep understanding of the needs of those working in the hospitality industry, our uniforms are hand-crafted to withstand the demands of a busy daily schedule, from comfort to durability. We want our clients to feel confident and comfortable in their uniforms while maintaining their own personal style.

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Bespoke service

At Eorte, we're not just about designing uniforms; we're about transforming your business's image into one that captivates and impresses. With a wealth of experience in the fashion industry, our skilled team of designers is driven by a passion for creating bespoke uniforms that not only reflect your organization's identity but also elevate it to new heights of professionalism and style. From luxurious hotels to charming cafes, our commitment to excellence ensures that your business will always stand out. Trust Eorte to redefine your brand's visual impact and leave a lasting impression on your clientele

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